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We are at a point in our work when we can no longer ignore empires and the imperial context in our studies. (p. 5)
― Edward W. Said, Culture and Imperialism

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Call for Papers - Modern Turkey (Edited Book Project)

Dear Colleagues,

Let us present you a new book project: Modern Turkey: Opportunities and Challenges. We invite you to become a contributor to this book which will be published by the Anahuac University (Mexico City). The book will consist of both original articles and recently published (not earlier than 2012) analyzing the main tendencies and conflicting points of Turkey.

The preliminary suggested content of the book is as follows:
  • Modern History of Turkey
  • Polical and Economic Development of Turkey
  • Economic factors
  • Regional Cooperation/Confrontation (EU, Israel, Middle East, Balkans, Africa, Latin-American)
  • International Role
  • Islam in Turkey
  • Gezi Park movement
  • Environmental development
  • Gender Studies
  • Armenian-Turkey relations
  • Kurds in Turkey
  • Turkey´s roll in Syria
  • Gülen Movement in Turkey
The deadline for abstracts submission of the original article and of the full texts of the already published to be considered is the 12th of November 2014. You will be notified on the chapter acceptance by the 20th November 2014.

The deadline for the full original article is the 1th of February 2015.

After this all articles will be translated to Spanish by the Universidad Anahuac translators.

Technical requirements:

Both abstracts and full articles should be sent in English. Abstract: 300 words. Full article: 4000 words. Harvard reference style.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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