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We are at a point in our work when we can no longer ignore empires and the imperial context in our studies. (p. 5)
― Edward W. Said, Culture and Imperialism

Friday, August 14, 2015

REFERENCE BOOK: The Turkic Speaking Peoples: 2,000 Years of Art And Culture from Inner Asia to the Balkans

Ergun Çağatay
Dogan Kuban

Prestel Publishing - 2006 

This comprehensive study of one of the most powerful and influential civilizations examines the rich heritage of the Turkic culture. From the first nomadic tribes migrating from central Asia to the Mediterranean, through the rise of the Seljuk and the Ottoman Empire, to the present day, this book explores the traditions and cultural practices of the Turkic speaking peoples. It examines their social and political significance within a historical and modern context, and their relationships with other cultures. This lavishly illustrated volume, featuring images from an award-winning photographer, allows readers to discover a civilization and understand its role in the world today.

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