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― Edward W. Said, Culture and Imperialism

Sunday, January 3, 2016

From Russia With Love, Thousands of Wives for Turkish Husbands

Huge numbers of Russian women have wed Turks over the past few decades. Now Putin is putting their marriages in jeopardy.

Anna Nemtsova

THE DAILY BEAST - 01.02.16

ISTANBUL — Non-drinking, gentle, loving, caring, hard-working and devoted to the family: qualities most Russian women have in mind when they dream of a perfect husband.  For Alisa Elyan, a pretty, blonde soloist at Moscow’s Nemirovich-Danchenko musical theatre, it was also important that her husband share her passion for culture, her hunger to explore. Her first husband did not appreciate the arts enough, she thought. A physicist, he was not ready to go outside his comfort zone. After 12 years of marriage, their feelings faded away, and the two split up.  That winter of 2004, Alisa Elyan was 32 years old, divorced and psychologically broken to the point that her voice disappeared, which was a personal as well as professional disaster for the opera singer. “I was ready to fly away, to begin a new life from scratch,” Alisa said, then added, “For that I needed a man.”


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