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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pay cuts for Bilkent University scholars who disappoint peers

By Jack Grove

Times Higher Education - 1 January 2015

Pay cuts for Bilkent University scholars who disappoint peers  1 January 2015 | By Jack Grove  Private university in Turkey neglects research metrics for external views on academics’ performance

Universities should consider reducing the salaries of academics who fail to impress experts in their discipline, according to a university president who has pioneered the practice.
Abdullah Atalar, the rector of Bilkent University, in Turkey’s capital of Ankara, said that his institution had chosen to ignore research metrics when assessing whether an academic deserved a pay rise or a promotion.
Instead, university leaders would canvass opinion from experts in the academic’s discipline from outside Bilkent about how well an individual scholar had performed in recent years. “We will ask leading universities in the US if they would hire this guy or promote him,” Professor Atalar said. “If they say they would not promote him, then we do not promote him.”
The salaries of senior professors are also contingent on these external views, with Bilkent sometimes lowering pay for underperformance, Professor Atalar added.


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